Fully Integrated
Smart Incident Verification, Alert and Response Platform.

Virtual Patrol

Virtual patrol is a device agnostic platform, allowing clients to harness the full power of IoT and use countless sensors / devices to trigger an alert into a control room.

Virtual Patrol is a fully integrated incident tracking and response platform.  It is an extremely flexible solution that offers full analytics and operational insights combined with machine learning to create real-time anomaly detection, proactive notifications, and smart search capabilities across your entire deployment with one interface for connected devices.

Suitable for both large, distributed enterprise installations and small deployments.  Virtual patrol is device agnostic, allowing clients to harness the full power of IoT and use countless sensors / devices to trigger a response. 

Incident Response Automation

Incident Response is a set of pre-determined procedures following a trigger event.  Trigger events can be anything from a panic button being activated to temperature inside a greenhouse dropping below a certain point.  The goal is to ensure that a certain action follows a certain trigger.  

Automated Incident Response is crucial to ensure maximum efficiency and empower your team to prioritize higher-value triggers.  It enables your team to make smart decisions quickly and act on those decisions.   Standard operating procedures (SOP’s) are fully customizable based on any number of input parameters. 


cctv detecting human form

Virtual Patrol is a tactical and strategic operational platform that introduces military-grade security and encryption into responder’s mobile phones. Scalable, intelligent, cloud-based security that helps you gain real-time visibility and insights from anywhere.  Reduce investigation time, increase response times, and improve operator efficiency by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence.

 The system is already being used successfully in hundreds of government-run and private security-, emergency response and counter-terrorism operations around the globe.

Virtual Patrol enables users to transmit live video, text messages and pictures with location awareness for increased response times. It identifies humans. objects and events, sending instant notifications and alarms based on customized rules or unusual activity detection.  All in real time and in a secure environment while using the iPhones they already have.

Security Features

Hardware Agnostic

Integrates with a wide variety of cctv cameras

  • Analogue / IP
  • Hikvision 
  • Dahua

Automated / Customized Incident Responses

  • Push videos to telegram contacts / groups
  • Capture and download incidents
  • Alert armed response

Software Integrations

  • Listener-incident response
  • software
  • BuddyGuard
  • Telegram-the trigger will send a short video and current location
  • Email
  • Virtual Patrol interface


  • Panic buttons
  • Generic IoT sensors
  • Intrusion detection (human form/number plate recognition)
  • CCTV 
  • More…

Machine Learning/AI Features

  • False alarm reduction
  • Incident verification
  • Cars of interest (number plate recognition)
  • Human form detection


  • Incident summaries
  • Response times
  • Results

Commercial/ Industrial Applications

Tap into the flexibility of Virtual Patrol’s smart CCTV surveillance solutions to safeguard your people, property, and data proactively.  Get a complete picture of access control events and alerts based on specific events, and even grant access to authorized staff instantly from the system.

Using gas, electricity or water sensors commercial managers can gain insight into and customize SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) based on these triggers.  Smart wireless devices equipped with magnetic door switches are ideal for building management, manufacturing & mining.  Humidity and temperature sensors allow rapid response when thresholds are reached, allowing managers to make informed decisions proactively.

Commercial/Industrial Features

Integrates Seamlessly

We integrate with most generic IoT devices/sensors like:

  • Air conditioning units
  • Smart fridges
  • Smart water monitors
  • Doors opening

Software Integration

We integrate with common software interfaces like:

  • Email
  • Telegram
  • Virtual Patrol Interface

White Label

Contact us for more information about White label options and customization.

Machine learning / AI features

  • False Alarm reduction and verification
  • Automated PPE (personal protective equipment) detection and exception handling, for example, notifications based on employees not wearing hard hats or reflective clothing in areas where it is required.

User Permissions

  • Customizable access to back end based on user roles
  • Event tracking queues with easy filters and acknowledgements


  • Incident summaries
  • Response times
  • Results

Automated or custom SOP's

  • Action to be taken/procedure to be followed based on trigger event
  • SOP’s customizable per customer, alert type, location, etc
  • Ensures feedback

Management Functions

  • Dashboards
  • Camera management
  • Live view
  • Event log
  • Troubleshooting and device exception reports
  • Filter on escalated events
  • Notifications grouping based on any criteria like location, affiliation, roles or responsibilities.

With Virtual Patrol, you can turn any mobile phone into a hi-tech tracking- and team collaboration device within minutes, at low cost.

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